March 9, 2010


Posted in In Progress at 10:19 pm by merknits

Hi there!  I’m still around, just a little uninspired with my knitting right now.  Here are a few stalled projects:


Bird in Hand Mittens (Not sure if I’ll ever finish these – I had a hard time with the braids on the cuff and I think that colorwork may not be for me.)  I do love the design though, I just wish I could snap my fingers and have them all done!


Apres Surf Hoodie

Luckily, I suppose, we’ve had a slipper emergency around here (a large hole in the bottom of my husband’s slippers) so I’ve been working on the Fiber Trends Felted Clogs and they’re going pretty quickly:


It’s always nice to have a project that doesn’t take too long to get me back in the knitting habit!  I’m actually just about done with the slipper in the picture, and hopefully I’ll have a pair complete soon.



  1. Sara said,

    My Fiber Trends clogs have huge holes in them but I’m too lazy to reknit them. Hopefully I’ll find the time before next winter! I do hope the knitting continues to go well. I’m ready for winter to end here in the Midwest and I hope my knitting motivation comes back with spring!

  2. Debby said,

    So nice to see you post again! Your Citron shawl in the previous post is just lovely. I hope you get past the knitting funk soon — I’ve been in one a little bit too and it can get pretty frustrating, working on the UFOs that we don’t love anymore.

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