February 7, 2010


Posted in Finished Objects at 3:33 pm by merknits

I finished this cute shawl just in time to wear it to the gala for my work last night:



Unfortunately, no modeled shots.   After an incredibly long day yesterday, I am staying in my pajamas all day today so I don’t think I’ll be taking any modeled shots now!

Pattern: Citron from Knitty, Winter 2009
Yarn: Bluebonnet Hills Alpaca Ranch, Alpaca
Notes: I was needing an easy pattern to work on and thought this would be perfect for the Alpaca that I’d had in my stash for several years now!  It was almost perfect – I ran out of yarn before I was able to do all of the ruffle rows, but it doesn’t really make a big difference.  It is very soft and went perfectly with a little black cocktail dress.

On another subject, I haven’t been very good about documenting our cheesemaking attempts.  One resounding success was this chevre:


I know it doesn’t look all that appetizing in the plastic tub, but it was so good!  And very easy too – only takes about 24 hours.  The other cheesemaking attempts have been hit or miss – hard cheeses have been generally good, but the soft cheeses are a bit more tricky.  My husband’s been very intent on making some brie, so we’ll have to try to figure out what’s going wrong with those!



  1. Ceci said,

    Citron is beautiful! And homemade cheese – what could be better 🙂

  2. essjay said,

    Citron is just lovely – glad you got to wear it to a special event! It is interesting to read about your cheese making! The Chevre looks wonderful to me – plastic tub & all!

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