June 7, 2009

Arrival and a Bit of Knitting

Posted in In Progress at 7:08 pm by merknits

Well, we’re here! We’ve enjoyed being in Chicago so far – I still feel a little like I’m visiting and not really living here, but I’m sure that will change shortly! I love our new place; here are a few shots after we had finally finished unpacking:




Our windows face west, which is not the best view of the city, but that’s ok:


The only annoying thing is that we’re right next to two noisy locations – a train station and an L stop:


You really do get used to the noise though, and the trains from this station go out to the suburb where my parents live, so it’s actually pretty convenient overall.

I have done a bit of knitting lately!


The OpArt blanket has been slow going. I didn’t get it finished in time to give to one friend who recently had a baby, so now it’s going to be for another friend who is due in November. I should finish by then, I hope!



  1. Your new place looks lovely (nice kitchen!), and I really think it’s a plus to be near public transit stops (you’ll get used to the noise). I’m sure you’ll finish OpArt by November 🙂

  2. amanda said,

    Your new place is gorgeous! You can probably start some winter sweaters soon 🙂

  3. Emily said,

    Love the new place! it looks really nice! I hope it feels like home soon!

  4. Debby said,

    Your new place looks so modern and stylish! Hope you are adjusting to your new city OK, and find a new knitting group you love.

    I’ve never seen OpArt before, but it looks like such a fun pattern to knit.

  5. Ceci said,

    Nice digs!!! What floor are you on? It looks like you are in a very nice loft high up in the building 🙂
    Cute stripes.

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