May 10, 2009


Posted in In Progress at 6:36 pm by merknits

We’re in the home stretch – less than two weeks until we leave Houston! I am excited, but it will be sad to leave the place we’ve called home for 7 years. I’ll definitely miss the knitters – here’s a great picture of (most of) the Central Houston Stitch n Bitch girls (taken by Laura):


I won’t so much miss the really hot and humid summers, though I’ll see how well I re-adapt to Chicago winters. I’ve gotten used to 60 degrees being cold.

The wrap sweater is going slowly, but I do have some oh-so-exciting shots of the stockinette back:


More interesting at an angle, right? Or close up:


I love the color and it’s pretty simple, I’ve just not been working on it too much lately. I do plan to do a lot of knitting in the few days between when the movers come and take away everything and when we actually leave! No TV, internet or computer for several days will be tough!