October 28, 2008

Fun with Cables

Posted in Finished Objects at 8:24 pm by merknits

catriona finished

catriona finished back

cables close up

Pattern: Catriona by Debbie Bliss, available for free here
Yarn: Cascade Cotton Rich DK (I think 8.5 balls)
Notes: The cables are just so cool looking that I couldn’t resist this one.  It’s not a really difficult project, but cables just seem to take me a while to do (and the fact that I used cotton didn’t really help either – it’s not always easy to work with).  But I think it turned out great, if I do say so myself!  Knowing that Debbie Bliss patterns always seem to turn out large, I knit the smallest size and it fits perfectly.  The sleeves are a little odd, I guess because the top is just a big rectangle, but I still love it!

I was going to knit the Flutter Sleeve Cardigan from IK Spring 2008 next, but Houston’s recent cool weather has inspired me to start a project that I’ve had in my queue forever – the Lacy Cardigan from Vogue Holiday 2005.  I’m not sure that I’m up to another time-consuming project, but we’ll see!



  1. Del said,

    The vest is adorable! Those cables just pop right out. Great job!

  2. Emily said,

    What a gorgeous vest! It’s very flattering, I love the cables!

  3. essjay said,

    It looks great – those cables are super neat, very different from other cables. Fantastic!

  4. Becky said,

    Very cute! I really like those cables, and it looks great on you! What did you think of the yarn? I’m always looking for a good cotton in Texas, but most are not so fun to knit with.

  5. amanda said,

    The cables are really cute on you!
    I love that lace cardigan pattern. I’ve been hemming and hawing about knitting it (but I would need to get a copy of the magazine first anyway). can’t wait to see yours!

  6. I’ve been off the blog circuits for a while–apologies for the late comment. Your Catriona looks fabulous! I’m so impressed. You did a great job!

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