October 1, 2008


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BlogSpirit has decided that I’m over my limit (even though I just deleted a whole bunch of pictures) and I’m certainly not paying for their poor service, so here I am in my new blog space!  I considered stopping blogging all together, but I wanted to keep things going for a bit longer at least.  I’ll still keep the old blog up, especially since I can’t seem to transfer all of my old posts over here.  And something weird is going on at the old blog where it’s not posting anything on the front page, so I hope at least a few people find their way over here!

Now, as for what I’ve been doing.  The big news was Hurricane Ike – we didn’t end up having much damage, but it certainly was an interesting experience.  In the middle of the storm, the transformer blew (which is right outside our apartment) and the entire apartment filled up with smoke.  I was sure the place was going to burn down, and of course you can’t call the fire department when there are 100 mph winds outside.  So we sat it out with the fire extinguisher in hand, and luckily nothing too important was on fire (we still have no idea what actually happened).  Here was the view from our apartment after the storm, including our power line which disconnected from everything:

power lines

neighbors' tree

We were without power for 11 days, but luckily had somewhere to stay so it wasn’t as much of an issue for us as it was for others.

Now, in all of this, I have done a tiny bit of knitting.

catriona back

It’s the back of Catriona!  This project seems like it is taking forever, but I am excited about the finished product so I’m sticking with it.  Perhaps now that things are kind of back to the normal routine, my desire to knit will return!



  1. Elizabeth said,

    I’m so glad to hear you’re okay after the hurricane. It sounds like you had a pretty scary experience with the transformer, so I’m glad your place is unharmed. Welcome to WordPress – it’s way better over here! 🙂

  2. Plum Texan said,

    Found you! 🙂 We were out for 13 days, but all is well now. Looks like you had some scariness, but glad it’s all OK…and hope to see you this week.

  3. essjay said,

    I’m glad you made it through Ike without any major damage. Being with out power for that long is no fun but the back of your sweater looks fantastic!

  4. Ceci said,

    Great to hear from you!!! I am so glad you were okay – we have friends who all evacuated and returned home to a big mess…
    This blog site seems good – I had no trouble finding it.

    Catriona looks gorgeous!

  5. del said,

    Wow, glad you’re doing OK! 11 days without power? I think I’d have gone crazy.

    Hope WordPress treats you better.

  6. amanda said,

    the new blog looks great! glad you didnt have any major damage from Ike.

  7. Allegra said,

    please keep blogging! i always enjoy seeing your beautiful FOs! Glad you are safe from Ike and that your damage wasn’t too awful.

  8. Wowie! That sounds a little wild. I’m glad you didn’t have any significant damage.

    Those cables are gorgeous 🙂

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