April 1, 2008


Posted in In Progress at 7:52 pm by merknits

I think that all of my knits in 2008 have been cursed.  First, the wrap sweater that I had to rip out (but it turned out ok in the end).  Even the hat I had to rip out in its entirety before getting it right.

And now this:

See that nice stripe around the yoke?  Dye lot issues.  I guess I’ll go into details, though it makes me feel kind of stupid.  I bought seven balls of yarn on ebay for this sweater.  I wanted to make the sweater smaller than the smallest size in the book, so instead of recalculating, I just knit at a tighter gauge.  Of course I didn’t remember that this would require additional yarn.  This color is of course discontinued, but I was able to find another dye lot at my LYS.  When I joined the new ball, it sure looked similar enough!  I should have checked before finishing the whole thing.  Grrr!  And then, to add to my stupidity, I lost one of the original dye lot but found it later, thus the return to the original color at the very top of the garment.
So, what to do?  Of course, the damn thing fits perfectly.  So I don’t really want to rip, but I’m not wearing it like this!  If I do rip the whole thing, I could recalculate the numbers and hopefully only need the seven balls of the same dye lot.  Or someone could come to my rescue with a new ball of Calmer (color #464 lot #17L3)!  Yeah, I doubt it.
In the meantime, I say it’s time for a new project.  I’m thinking a vest – this one or this one.  Time for a bit of shopping!



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