March 21, 2008


Posted in In Progress at 11:16 am by merknits

The Phyllo Yoked Pullover is looking slightly more like a sweater now:

But I’m having some issues with this part:
For some reason I’m not entirely understanding the chart–sometimes the repeats are carried over the marker, and that’s throwing me off.  I’ve gotten farther than the picture above shows, but I think that I made a mistake somewhere and am going to have to rip back to this point.  Phooey.
There seem to also be issues with BlogSpirit and Bloglines.  I’ve been told that my feed is not updating (I wouldn’t know, since I use Newsgator) and it looks like other BlogSpirit users have had this problem too.  I have no idea what to do about this, and I’m not really interested in switching my blog somewhere else at the moment (despite its horrible customer service, I like using BlogSpirit), so I’ll just have to apologize if you’re missing my posts!