January 2, 2008

Crafty Christmas

Posted in Finished Objects at 9:40 pm by merknits

There was a lot of crafting this Christmas, though not so much by me.  I received some fabulous socks from my sister-in-law Stacey:

I thought the pillow would make a nice background, but it just looks a little silly.  Oh well.  Here’s a close up of the stitch pattern:
They fit perfectly–much better than the two pairs of socks I’ve made for myself!  And she said that the Illini colors were dyed especially for me.  (We couldn’t bear to watch U of I lose in the Rose Bowl yesterday, so we watched a movie instead.  Well, there’s always next year!)

Then we received these beautiful embroidered pillowcases from my sister:

She also made some very yummy snickerdoodles for the husband–his favorite!

Still no pictures of the felted clogs, though they have gotten a ton of wear.  My last FO of 2007 is a pair of fingerless gloves:

Notice how I’m also wearing my Apricot Jacket?  I just cast on 25 stitches of Marcela from Handpaintedyarn.com (from the odds and ends section), knit a while, made a hole for my thumb, knit a bit more, cast off, and made a tube.  They’re too big, but they were nice and cozy for our visit to the snowy Midwest!



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