December 10, 2007

Random thoughts for a Monday

Posted in Finished Objects at 9:37 pm by merknits

1.  I finished more ornaments:

I also cheated and bought those little glass ornaments you can open up.  I was going to originally put pom-poms in all of them, but it proved to be too annoying to make all of those little things.  So some are just stuffed with yarn, beads, or little Christmas doodads.

2.  I am tired of 80 degree weather in December.  As I was trying to take the picture above, I was being attacked by mosquitoes.  When it doesn’t get cold, those things don’t die!  That’s my excuse for the picture being so bad. 🙂

3.  Entrelac is so fun!
Pattern: Quant from Knitty
Yarn: SWS in Natural Earth
Notes:  So much fun to make!  And it only took a couple of days.  I love the yarn, and it worked perfectly for this pattern.  Will make a good gift, since I certainly don’t need it here.
4. Flair is finished!  It’s blocking right now.  I’m afraid it will be a bit small, but I’m hopeful that Summer Tweed will stretch.

5. I am so making this tree.  However, it is much harder to find green Fun Fur than you might think.  I had to go to three different stores to find any sort of green eyelash yarn, and in an entire wall of fuzzy yarns at Hobby Lobby they only had one ball in green!  Luckily their brand has much more yardage so I only needed one ball.  Whoever thought I’d be running around Houston in search of Homespun and Fun Fur?


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